Homeloop redesigns property selling

We believe that selling a flat or a house should be quick and simple. This is why we offer home owners to buy their property directly from them, at a fair price, known from day one.

At the end of 2015, Aurélien decided to sell his car and his flat in Paris. With a few clicks on a website, he gets a price for his automobile, and within 24 hours, it was sold. The experience was quite different for his flat. For months, two questions remained unanswered:

“When will I sell my home?”

“At what price will I sell it?”

Noticing that this frustration was shared among all owners, Aurélien creates Homeloop in June 2016. He ambitions to completely rethink property selling, to make it simple, fast and transparent.

He then gathers a team of passionate experts in real estate, digital and user experience to deliver Homeloop’s promise: to be able to sell your home at a price known in advance, as soon as you are ready.